Business Tours and Services:
Interpreting for business meetings, both consecutive and simultaneous
• Organize business itineraries and schedules
• Interpreting for private individuals
• Travel arrangements for business travel in russia

VIP Tours and Services:
Exclusive access to a location (such as when closed for general public or on official holidays)
Example: Catherine Summer palace is closed on Tuesdays, if you'd like to avoid the crowds and see it on a Tuesday we can easily arrange it for you.

• Arrangements to see the “Gold Room” of The Hermitage  on a short notice
• Arrangements for meetings and tours of the palaces with Directors, Deputy Directors and Curators of the museums.
Example: If you prefer to see the Chinese Palace in the company of it's Curator we'll be happy to arrange this.

• Arrangements for private parties in the palaces: You can have exclusive use of a palace for your family and friends in the evening for special occasions(birthday parties, galas, etc.).
• Arrangements to enter a palace or museum from a different entrance to avoid lining-up
• Special arrangements at the airports (arrival/departure) to minimize stress and frustration
• Special arrangements at the hotels (check-in)
• Arrangements for police escorts to avoid traffic jams

VIP arrangements require at least 1 week notice depending on the complexity of the arrangements.

General Tours
• Tours to all major museums of St.Petersburg: Such as The Hermitage, St.Isaac's Cathedral, Russian Museum, Yousupov Palace, St.Peter and Paul Fortress, Log Cabin of Peter the great, etc.
• Tours to all major Summer Palaces of the Royal family and Nobles outside of St.Petersburg: Catherine Palace (the amber room), Peterhoff Palace and the grounds with fountains, Pavlovsk, Chinese Palace of Catherine the Great in Oranienbaum, Gatchina etc.
• Tours to apartments - museums of Russian writers: Dostoevsky, Anna Akhmatova, Nabokov, etc.
• Tours to military museums: Museum of Russian Navy, Artillery Museum, Battleship Aurora, Suvorov Museum of Military History, etc.
• All major museums of Moscow, such as Kremlin, The Armoury, Pushkin Art Museum, Tretiakov Art Gallery, etc.

Customized Tours
Example:  Going by car to Peterhoff, visiting parks and fountains. Then visiting Chinese palace of Catherine the Great in Oranienbaum. Afterward taking a ferry to Kronstadt island (which was the oldest Russian naval base and so called "closed" soviet town until recently); have a tour of the fortress and naval museum; then drive to the other side of the Finnish Bay to Zelenogorsk (an affluent suburb of St.Petersburg), have dinner at one of the waterfront restaurant and watch the "glitzy' crowd, their Impressive cars and bodyguards. No other agency does this kind of a tour.

Or you can design your own tour and we'll help you to make it a reality.

Out-of-Town Tours:

• St. Petersburg - Novgorod
• Moscow – Novgorod - St. Petersburg (over night in Novgorod) by car or van. Visiting in Novgorod: Kremlin, St. Sophia Cathedral, St. George Monastery, Iversky Monastery, Museum of Wooden Architecture.
• St. Petersburg - Pskov
• St. Petersburg – Helsinki 
• Moscow - Vladimir - Suzdal

Languages provided:
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Russian  

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