Vladimir*Suzdal is located 180 miles outside of Moscow. Along with Novgorod, the Vladimir-Suzdal principality played an important role in the development of Russia in the 12th through 15th Centuries.

As distinct from democratic Novgorod, the culture of Vladimir-Suzdal bears a distinctive mark of refined aristocratic taste. The strong authority of princes influenced every sphere of life in Vladimir-Suzdal.

Under Princes Yuri Dolgoruky (founder of Moscow in 1147) and Ivan Bogolyubsky, craftsmen were invited from Galitia and Germany.  They introduced Romanesque white-stone technique into the architecture of Vladimir; these innovations became a tradition and were successfully developed by the local builders.

The tour includes The Intercession Monastery (Suzdal, 16th Century), Cathedral of St. Demetrius (Vladimir, 12th Century), Cathedral of the Dormition, and the Museum of Wooden Architecture.

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