The Kremlin is the oldest historical and architectural feature of Moscow, first mentioned in the 12th century. The walls are about half a mile long with 20 towers and gates; over 10 churches and palaces are located inside.

The Kremlin's main church, the Assumption Cathedral was built in 1479, by the order of tsar Ivan the Great, as the coronation church of the tsars.

The white-stoned Annunciation Cathedral, with its 9 gilded domes, was built in 1485 by Pskov craftsmen as the private chapel of the tsars.
The Grand Kremlin Palace was the Moscow residence of the
Imperial family.There are 700 rooms and 5 reception halls
which are now used for special State receptions and ceremonies.

The Armoury Museum exhibits a huge collection of gold and silver jewelry from the 13th to the 20th century including Faberge eggs. In the Diamond Fund (part of the Armoury) amongst other things one can see the 18th century crown of Russian Tsars covered with 4936 diamonds and the Orlov diamond (198 carats) that Count Orlov presented to Catherine the Great.

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