Founded in honor of the Russian victory over Napoleon, it took 45 years to build and only one day to destroy. It was consecrated in May 1883 and became the country's largest( with the capasity of 15000) and most lavishly decorated shrine, symbolising the glory of the Russian empire.

This enormous church dedicated to the Son of God stood for 48 years; three years longer than it took to build. In December 1931 it was demolished by the order of Stalin, who wanted to build the House of Soviets on its site. But this idea has never been materialized and later in 1959 Khrushchev ordered to build a swimming pool there, utilizing the foundation of the demolished cathedral. Until 1994 this remained Moskva Open-Air Pool Complex. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the new government allocated over 250 mln. dollars to constuct a replica of the original cathedral . It opened in 1997 after only two years of construction.

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